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3 Starter Steps to Building a Powerful Life.

Posted by ruckerharris on February 16, 2010

3 Starter Steps to Building a Powerful Life

Hi, and welcome back to building a Powerful Life. I am Gina Harris and today I will talk about 3 steps to start building a Powerful life. There are many steps that you will need to take in order to build a powerful Life. However; today I will deal with the three most important steps. These steps are self evaluation, evaluate your family and associates, and evaluate your words.

1. Evaluate yourself

The first and most important step in building a powerful life is to evaluate yourself. You want to evaluate how you think about yourself and others. Do you see yourself as a positive or a negative person. Make a list of the positive and negative things about yourself. Change those negative attributes into positive attributes.

2. Evaluate your family and associates.

The next step to building a powerful life is to evaluate your family and associates. So often, it is our family and the people we associate with that tend to infect our way of thinking. Do the ones you talk to and associate with have a positive or negative way of thinking. If they are positive then keep them. If their thinking is negative ask yourself are they an asset or an liability. If they are a liability then cut them off.

3. Evaluate your words.

Lastly, the final important step to building a powerful life is to evaluate your words. Do you talk about positive things or negative. If you notice that you murmur and complain a lot or use negative words then change your words to positive words. You should begin to Speak positive words about yourself and others. Words have the ability to create our reality.

After you have successfully done the three steps, you have built the foundation of power in your life. Now you are well on your way to building a powerful life.


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How to Change a Powerless Life into a Powerful life?

Posted by ruckerharris on August 1, 2009

Do you find yourself unhappy, mad, fearful and just plan depressed? I have had times in my life were I would just cry at the drop of a hat. I realized that I had to check my internal dialogue and look at what I was hearing around me.

Words are so small but they are powerful when it comes to having a powerful life. If you would like to change these dreadful unwanted feelings, there are 3 ways in which you can change these terrible emotions.

The fist way to change a powerless life into a powerful life is to look at what you are saying. What you are saying about yourself will determine how you think about yourself. Do you just murmur and complain about what is bad in your life or do you praise what is good in your life? Telling yourself how great you are and how amazing you are can create power in your life. Saying positive words will build a good positive self esteem.

The second way to change a powerless life into a powerful life is to look at what you are saying to others. When you talk to people; are you trying to criticize and judge them on what that do and how they do it or are you trying to give them words of encouragement? If you say positive words about people, you will recieve positive words back from others and these positive words build your self confidence in yourself.

The Third way to change a powerless life into a powerful life is thought changing what you hear. If you notice that your friends and family members are saying negative things about you or about anything. If you have friends and family members that constantly criticize what you do and nothing you do is right to them, you have to limit your time around them because those negative words can render you powerless.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to evaluate your words if you feel powerless. If the words that you are hearing and saying are negative, change them to words of praise and Positivity. Don’t delay get started and change to a powerful life today.

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Stop Depression with Positive Words.

Posted by ruckerharris on July 12, 2009

When a person is faced with a crisis? What emotions do they feel?   Is it positive or negative?  If the buzz around the office is lay off’s are coming and the boss is giving out pink slips.  What would you say?

Oh! No, what am I going to do.  I am going to lose my car, house, how am I going to eat.  All of these words are the beginning stages of depression.  You said it and once you said it you began to think about it, talking about it to your friends and family.   As you think about it depression attaches itself to your emotions.  And so there you have it you are depressed.

However what if the same crisis happened to you and you said something positive.  Well if I get the pink slip I know that I will get another job real soon.  Let me just start to look in the papers and make some calls just in case.  Maybe I will start my own business.
Now you see the situations are the same but there are two drastically different points of views.  Notice In the beginning they have not been given a pink slip.  Nevertheless, the negative person will probably lose the job, home and go bankrupt.

But the Positive words used by the positive person, gave him the opportunity to think things through in a positive way and ended up finding a job making more money or  maybe  on his way to owning his own business.

A wise man once said how you see the problem is the problem. Do not let depression get to you.  When the problem comes, use positive words, create positive confessions.  You have the power to change your destiny.

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